MY BONUS. Your exclusive benefit.

As a active member of the volunteer team tirol you benefit from our bonus with the following partners.

All events are only possible because of our volunteers and our partners. This time we want to say thank you to our partners.



We serve fresh "Wellwasser" water for all volunteers.

still and sparkling

Bike Service & Rental

Valid until the end of  2019



Verival Producte

in the online shop

Discountcode: 20WWMG20



Every member of the volunteer team tirol (VTT) who has been active since 2018, receives a “membercard” from us to confirm their membership in the VTT. You can pick up your membercard at the events in the respective accreditation office or at our volunteer hotspots. Please contact us in advance by e-mail so we can confirm that your card has been issued already and can be handed out to you.


If you have been active at an event of the VTT since 2018 but have not received your membercard because it has yet to be ordered by us, we will gladly issue a provisional confirmation. So you can still use all the promotions. Please contact us by e-mail in this case.


Currently unprinted membercards will be ordered before the Winter World Masters Games 2020. The next issue will therefor take place during the Winter World Masters Games 2020 in the Accreditation Center. Further information will follow!