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Innsbruck and Tyrol regularly host major sports events. These events would not be possible without the committed support of volunteers.

Being a volunteer does not only mean giving something but also receiving something in return. As a volunteer at a major (sport) event, you will meet many other persons from different countries and cultures. You will be an important connection between all the stakeholders and ensure a successful event thanks to your dedication, skills and experience. Your readiness to help and your hospitality will create a great atmosphere and leave guests and participants alike with fantastic memories.

The Volunteer Team Tirol (“VTT”) is a project launched by innsbruck-tirol sports gmbh (“ITS”), which has been operated since November 2020 by the Olympia Sport- und Veranstaltungszentrum Innsbruck GmbH (“OSVI”).




The volunteer community meets up regularly at so called hotspots to keep the spirit up. Additionally there are event specific activities taking place throughout the year.

You can find further information about the next hotspot in the Newsletter or in your online profile.


As a volunteer you will have the chance to look behind the scenes of a major (sport) event, meet new people, gain practical experience and as part of an enthusiastic volunteer team discover what it means to reach goals together.


We will do our very best to make sure you enjoy your time as a volunteer. As a member of the volunteer team tirol you can look forward to:

receiving regular updates on events where volunteers are needed

signing up for events directly via your personal profile on our online platform

participating in regular events and activities

receiving a confirmation certificate for every event you work at as a volunteer

meeting like-minded people interested in sports and events

unforgettable memories and the chance to meet plenty of new people



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